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Mercy I on the road to feed people body and soul.  Mercy I was the first mobile kitchen in the Mercy Chefs fleet. It was commissioned in 2007.

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Gary and Ann LeBlanc, Co-Founders of Mercy Chefs, cooking up a feast on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

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The American spirit doesn’t waver in time of disaster.  The people of Moore, Oklahoma lost 7 school aged children to an EF5 tornado.

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Chef prepared meals are served with a smile to the victims, responders and volunteers after the plant explosion in West, Texas.

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Volunteers man the kitchen and serve meals from Mercy I after the devastating tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma.

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Mercy III, the newest mobile kitchen commissioned in 2013, has the capacity to serve up to 15,000 meals a day.

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The Weather Channel reporting the recovery efforts in Moore, Oklahoma from the Mercy Chefs distribution site at Southgate Baptist Church.

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Chef Gary Leblanc trains the Haitian staff in Chambrun, Haiti safe kitchen practices and meal preparation standards.

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Mercy Chefs volunteers preparing and plating food for the 200 families that lost their homes in the plant explosion in West, Texas.

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Chef Gary LeBlanc and the Pastors of local churches on the Lower East Side of Manhattan celebrate the recovery of those effected by Super Storm Sandy.

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Mercy III maneuvers through the streets of New York City on it’s maiden voyage to celebrate recovery from Super Storm Sandy.

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Texas Tornadoes December 2015

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Mercy Chefs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, faith based, public charity founded in 2006 to serve high quality, professionally prepared meals in natural disasters and national emergencies by recruiting industry professionals and training community based volunteers. Mercy Chefs also supports the mission of other faith based organizations by providing food service.

Your support and donations are used for equipment, supplies, groceries and direct response expenses. We count completely on the generosity of companies, corporations and individuals. We cannot go unless we are sent. Please consider partnering with us as we go feed people who find themselves hurting and in need.

If you have goods, gifts in kind, equipment, services or major financial gifts that you wish to donate please contact directly. We would love the opportunity to share how your gifts will be used. We are committed to integrity and accountability and will do whatever is possible to ensure the intent of our donors is honored.

“If one of you says to him ‘Go, I wish you well: keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?” James 2:16

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill