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Mercy I on the road to feed people body and soul.  Mercy I was the first mobile kitchen in the Mercy Chefs fleet. It was commissioned in 2007.

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Gary and Ann LeBlanc, Co-Founders of Mercy Chefs, cooking up a feast on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

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The American spirit doesn’t waver in time of disaster.  The people of Moore, Oklahoma lost 7 school aged children to an EF5 tornado.

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Chef prepared meals are served with a smile to the victims, responders and volunteers after the plant explosion in West, Texas.

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Volunteers man the kitchen and serve meals from Mercy I after the devastating tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma.

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Mercy III, the newest mobile kitchen commissioned in 2013, has the capacity to serve up to 15,000 meals a day.

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The Weather Channel reporting the recovery efforts in Moore, Oklahoma from the Mercy Chefs distribution site at Southgate Baptist Church.

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Chef Gary Leblanc trains the Haitian staff in Chambrun, Haiti safe kitchen practices and meal preparation standards.

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Mercy Chefs volunteers preparing and plating food for the 200 families that lost their homes in the plant explosion in West, Texas.

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Chef Gary LeBlanc and the Pastors of local churches on the Lower East Side of Manhattan celebrate the recovery of those effected by Super Storm Sandy.

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Mercy III maneuvers through the streets of New York City on it’s maiden voyage to celebrate recovery from Super Storm Sandy.

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feeding homeless feb2015

I think sometimes for some people the homeless are faceless, nameless people who live under bridges. This is Glen, Today Glen accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. It is good to put a face on what we do. It is more than just putting hot food on plates. People who were once faceless […]

We need you on the Mercy Chefs disaster response team

Mercy Chefs partnered with Daily Bread Ministries and local churches to provide Thanksgiving to four different communities in one day in West San Antonio.

Mercy Chefs is on the move today. Over 5000 Holiday Mercy Meals will be served up over the next 2 weeks.  Spread over 7 location in Virginia and Texas, our guests will enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, and be sent home with a bag of groceries. The cost is $7.50 per […]

Mercy Chefs volunteers are back in Mississippi providing what we call “Recovery Meals” to victims and volunteers in a tornado-ravaged community. Recovery Meals represent one of Mercy Chefs’ most important outreaches. Several times throughout the year, we “go back” to disaster-devastated regions months after the disaster has struck (and long after most relief agencies have […]


We are finalizing a plan that will allow Mercy Chefs to team up with relief volunteers who are working in Iraq to provide critically needed fresh drinking water to thousands of persecuted believers in that country, and I need your help.

Chef John Stout arrived in McAllen, TX on Friday with a load of kitchen equipment. Now it’s time to build a kitchen!

Thinking of everyone on the big Island today. It’s been 22 years since the 50th state has been hit by a tropical storm or hurricane. Thousands are without power and it’s a slow mover bringing lots of rain.


Seeing it for myself…broke my heart! I’m writing to you about the crisis at our southern border, and I’m asking you to hear my heart. Mercy Chefs has been receiving calls to respond to the border crisis for over a month.

lunch in Norfolk

Chef KristinMacan serves the kids two meals a day.   In our own backyard, Norfolk, Virginia children are hungry. During the summer months many  students who are dependent on school meal programs go without breakfast or lunch. When asked if we would help feed these kids during a  seven week literacy program, we said […]

A note from Chef Gary LeBlanc I looked up the meaning of Disaster Relief the other day and found this: “Intervention aimed at meeting the immediate needs of the victims of a disastrous event.” That’s us! In 2013 we fed over 100,000 meals in disaster and non-disaster deployments (without a hurricane). And we ventured to […]

Moore, OK Tornado

It’s hard to believe it’s 2014. The days, weeks and months of 2013 went by so quickly. But it’s a new year with renewed hope and excitement of what lies ahead. Our prayer this year is that everyone involved in supporting Mercy Chefs is blessed above and beyond anything they could ever hope for.

Mercy Chefs served a hot Thanksgiving meal to survivors of the May 20th , tornado that changed Moore, OK forever. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports

November 23, 2013 We will be feeding a great Thanksgiving meal to over 4,000 people in Moore,OK – Suffolk, VA – and the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas in the days and weeks to come. Will you help us bless those in need this holiday season?  

November 19, 2013 Chef John Stout is on the ground in the Philippines with 2 water purification systems and hundreds water purifying straws as seen in the video with more on the way. PEOPLE NEED CLEAN WATER TO SURVIVE. We are asking everyone in our Mercy Chefs’ family to consider sponsoring these water purification straws […]

Mercy Chefs is shutting down the streets of Coney Island — again! On Sunday, October 27th, we are returning to Coney Island, New York to hold a one-year anniversary dinner for many who lived through and are still struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy. I’m thrilled to reunite and partner again with Coney Island Gospel […]

Thankfully, the waters are receding — exposing the incredible work that must be done — including tending to the families of those ravaged by these terrible conditions. Reports indicate that nearly 18,000 families have been displaced or are returning to find their homes badly damaged or destroyed. Adding to the angst of the situation, these people […]

We feed people because it is what we are called to do. For us it’s about food, comfort and bringing relief for a moment during difficult times. It’s serving our fellow man because they need to eat and we need to cook. We put our best foot forward before, during andafter a disaster…and then we […]

Portsmouth, VA  – Mercy Chef’s team of chefs and mobile kitchen Mercy III, will be in Lower Manhattan on July 27th for the Refresh event hosted by The Refresh event, a neighborhood block party, will be held from 3-7 PM on East 6th St. between Avenue D and FDR Drive.  Abounding Grace Ministries, Trinity Grace Church […]


It’s been a little over 2 months since Mercy I arrived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a Mercy Chefs Eat-N-Greet event with our North Texas family, friends, supporters, and volunteers. We were excited about having a casual evening of food and fellowship with people who have blessed us in so many ways.

June 4, 2013 It’s been two weeks since we pulled Mercy I into the devastated town of Moore, OK. We have served of 35,000 meals to victims, volunteers and first responders. We are still in Moore. Mercy II is still on site turning out three hot meals a day. We made it through the storms […]

May 2013 “And He will direct your path” Not to get preachy, but I can’t help my self as I see how God is always at work, without our knowledge and certainly without our help. In April we moved our mobile kitchen, Mercy Chef I, to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We had planned an Eat-N-Greet […]

Walmart awards grants to organizations from Arkansas, California, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota & Virginia (including Mercy Chefs). Please click here to read more.

Mercy Chefs - Hurricane Sandy Response

Mercy Chefs assisted with the Hurricane Sandy relief in New York City

October 10, 2012 Mercy Chefs Plans to Feed 6,000 Thanksgiving Meals to those still recovering from Hurricane Isaac Mercy Chefs is returning to St. Johns Parish to feed those who are still displaced due to damages by Hurricane Isaac. Those still in need will be invited to a Thanksgiving celebration on November 21, 2012 that […]

Mercy Chefs is seeing some amazing “God” moments here in West Liberty KY in the aftermath of last weeks tornadoes. Like when we brought 200 meals to the small town of Crockett and were met with tears from the folks there because we were the first relief team to make it their town. Yesterday we […]

What an amazing four years for Mercy Chefs. We have crossed the 100,000 total meal mark and have fed well over 14,000 people in Haiti. As you can imagine Mercy Chefs has grown to the point that that it needs more than part time attention. The door is open and I have answered the call […]

Mercy Chefs Responds to Severe Tornado Outbreaks of Historic Proportions across the Southern, Central, and Eastern United States The latest devastating tornado outbreak began April 25th and continued through the evening of April 28th; it has spurred an unprecedented number of tornado strikes causing catastrophic damage throughout the Southern, Central, and Eastern States. Mercy Chefs […]