Bringing Hope in Surfside, FL

Mercy Chefs is in Surfside, Fl providing three hot meals a day to search and rescue teams responding to the tragic building collapse. We are here to provide hope in the midst of tragedy.

These search and rescue teams are working through extremely difficult circumstances. For several days, these hard-working teams have endured torrential downpours. They continue to work tirelessly hour after hour in their recovery efforts at the site of the building collapse in these extreme conditions until thunder is heard overhead. When that happens, they must come down from the site until the thunder abates. Shift after shift, they dutifully continue their unimaginable efforts, resting for just a few hours between.

When their shifts are over, Mercy Chefs is there to offer them a hot meal and a listening ear before they sleep and then head back again tonight.

No one can truly understand or imagine the difficult work they’re doing. Over and over they thank us like we’ve just given them a brick of gold instead of a breakfast plate of eggs and sausage. I can’t describe to you how much of an honor it is to serve these men and women. We have been humbled by their dedicated service and sense of duty to help their fellow man.

This isn’t a typical Mercy Chefs deployment, but this is very much a disaster zone. We are committed to doing everything Mercy Chefs can to help in this tragic situation. Will you stand with us?

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