COVID-19 Response

On March 15, as the coronavirus began to affect our local community, our Portsmouth Community Kitchen mobilized to meet needs across Hampton Roads serving children home from school, elderly shut-ins, and first responders high quality, chef-prepared, food-safe meals. Through this partnership with the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore and Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia, the demand has only continued to increase to the point where we are serving 15,000 weekly.

As we saw grocery shelves continue to empty and the food supply disrupted nationwide, the opportunity to take our efforts to multiple communities across the country arose. We’ve partnered with our food distributors to provide free grocery meal boxes for families affected by the coronavirus in 16 different locations across the country, and by the day this number continues to grow.

With the coronavirus crisis now impacting the entire nation, Mercy Chefs must expand our efforts, but to do so will require friends like you stepping up in a big way as we move to meet the need. Thank you for your support.

100% Tax Deductible

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Help Mercy Chefs respond with chef-prepared meals to those in need during the Coronavirus crisis! Your tax-deductible donation of $35 provides 10 chef-prepared meals, $70 covers 20 meals, and $500 sponsors 140.

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To help with Mercy Chefs’ Coronavirus response, please click below to complete our volunteer form, and a volunteer coordinator will be in contact with you as help is needed.

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