Mercy Chefs is a faith-based, non-profit disaster relief organization. We exist to serve professionally prepared meals for victims, volunteers and first responders in national emergencies and natural disasters and are committed to using our resources to meet the needs of others.

Gary LeBlanc

Founder and President

We provide professionally prepared, restaurant quality meals for victims, volunteers and first responders in national emergencies and natural disasters. Our team is experienced in bringing relief following hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires and national emergencies.

Welcome to Mercy Chefs and thank you for taking a moment to look into our ministry. When I founded Mercy Chefs in 2006 I could have never imagined all that God would do through us. At the time...

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The first goal in relief work should be to do no harm. The second goal should be to meet the need. Since our founding, Mercy Chefs has intentionally constructed and refined our community centric model to achieve both.

We work with existing organizations within the community to maximize our joint efforts and to strengthen the community itself.

Our focus is not solely placed on our immediate impact. By partnering with local organizations and volunteers our work can continue long after the Mercy Chefs’ team and truck departs.

In instances where we retain a permanent presence in an area, we do so by providing locals with the necessary equipment and materials and by training them to staff and maintain operations.

Local churches and Christian organizations become the hub for our emergency deployments and community outreaches. We work in partnership with these organizations to maximize the long term impact of our work and to highlight their existing ministries as a beacon of hope for the community.

Mercy Chefs sets up our mobile kitchen, refrigerated trailer and team of professional chefs on site to plan, prepare and serve restaurant quality meals for the community members in need. Our experience and mass service capabilities increase the work able to be accomplished by our local partners.

Local volunteers come alongside Mercy Chefs and our local ministry partners to help meet the need within their own community. Their service creates a lasting connection between the volunteer, those we serve and our local partners. This connection strengthens the bond within the community and helps volunteers get plugged in to long term ministries.