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Join us in making a global impact, one meal at a time. Watch this video to learn about CEO & Founder Chef Gary LeBlanc’s vision for Mercy Chefs Global.

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In 2022, Mercy Chefs officially launched Mercy Chefs Global, and we are forging our path to reach the areas of greatest need around the world.

In 2010, the world watched in horror as a violent earthquake ravaged Haiti. This was our first global response as a disaster relief organization. Since then, Mercy Chefs has responded to natural disasters and international emergencies in 20 countries, including Honduras, Israel, Guatemala, the Bahamas, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Honduras, Cuba, and Turkey.

At Mercy Chefs, we believe that hope looks like a hot meal in the hands of the hungry.
Mercy Chefs Global serves to provide hot, chef-prepared meals and local, nutrient-dense groceries in the middle of community-wide crises. Whether responding to natural disasters, war, or famine, our initiatives are tailored specifically to the needs of the people in partnership with the active local church. By building community kitchens and providing food and sanitation training, we can give tangible love as we mobilize to feed body and soul.

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“After we served fresh produce to everyone in line, an old grandmother got down on her hands and knees to collect cabbage leaves that had fallen into the mud. ‘I have nothing. I need anything I can get,’ she explained as she gathered the scraps.”

– Volunteer in Ukraine