Chef Gary & Ann LeBlanc


Chef Gary and Ann LeBlanc founded Mercy Chefs in 2006 after the devastation and massive impact that Hurricane Katrina left on Chef Gary’s hometown of New Orleans. Gary, being a Louisiana native, felt compelled for the first time in his life to volunteer. At the time, he was broken by what he witnessed in his hometown of New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The devastation was so intense and widespread. Lives were completely disrupted and the community was in ruins. 
After Katrina, he saw first-hand the incredible difference a hot meal could make, but after thirty-five years in the hospitality industry, Chef Gary was surprised and outraged by the quality of food being served.
He knew something more needed to be done, and the idea of serving high-quality, chef-prepared meals in a disaster zone occupied his mind for months afterwards. Soon after, Mercy Chefs was born. Gary and his wife, Ann, have been serving side by side for over 17 years since the Lord called them to “feed people; just go feed people.” From disaster zones across the country and around the world to serving people right in their own backyard, Mercy Chefs has already served over 25 million meals, with many more to come.


Key Employees & Board of Directors

Chef Gary LeBlanc

Founder & CEO

Ann LeBlanc

CoFounder & President
Adam Woods

Chief Culinary Officer

Carl Ladd

Vice President of Global

Stephanie Woods

Director of Administration & Human Resources

Ron Fritch

Chief Financial Officer

Nick Beckman

Director of Logistics & Facilities

Board of Directors

Rob MacDonald
Gary LeBlanc
Ann LeBlanc
Janet Young
Jim Boyd
Richard Baker Sr.
Reverend Kevin Turpin