Indiana and Ohio Tornadoes Response

On March 14, a tornado ripped through Logan County, OH, taking several lives, injuring dozens, and leaving tens of thousands of people without power in their homes and businesses, which have been completely destroyed. In Winchester, IN, several people were left in critical condition while hundreds of buildings were left badly damaged or destroyed. Both communities are experiencing the aftermath of utter destruction.

Mercy Chefs is deploying to Winchester, IN, and Indian Lake, OH, in response to these deadly tornadoes. We are committed to bringing hope and comfort to grieving families and communities by providing hot, chef-prepared meals. Please stand with us in prayer and support for the victims of these horrific tornadoes. To stay up-to-date on our disaster response and how you can help, follow us on social media (@MercyChefs).

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Lakeview, OH
Mercy Chefs hot meal

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