Send Hope Home

Mercy Chefs Family Grocery Box Program

At Mercy Chefs, we always say that something amazing happens over a shared meal. And yet countless families across the country are struggling day to day to put food on the table.

The statistics are staggering.

One in eight children go to bed hungry. Thirty-four million Americans are food insecure. And 100% of U.S. counties have food insecure residents. There’s no child that should ever go to bed on an empty stomach. And in a land of such bounty, we have no excuse to neglect feeding and caring for “the least of these.”

That is why Mercy Chefs is dedicated to bringing hope to those in our backyard through our comprehensive Family Grocery Box Program.

With skyrocketing grocery costs hindering families from affording the proper nutrition they need, Mercy Chefs is sending hope home by delivering grocery boxes full of pantry staples, fresh produce, and simple recipes. Our goal is to bring families together around their kitchen tables, lower grocery bills, and provide beautiful opportunities to enjoy a hot meal with loved ones.

You can provide a Mercy Chefs Family Grocery Box today for just $35.

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