Food is an Open Door

Spring 2024

At Mercy Chefs, we continue to walk through the doors the Lord opens to bring hope in the form of a meal to people all across the globe.

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Peace on Earth

Fall 2023

At Mercy Chefs, we believe that peace on earth can look like a hot meal in the hands of the hungry.

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A Rose in the Storm

Summer 2023

Where there are thorns of destruction and loss, a rose of hope may be found in the simple gift of a real meal.

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More in Store

March 2023

From our own backyard to the nations of the world, people need hope in the form of a meal.

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Hope is Found

October 2022

When is seems like all is lost, hope is not. In disaster zones around the world, our goal is to restore hope in desperate circumstances.

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Stand With Ukraine

June 2022

Sixteen years of disaster relief experience has prepared us to address this humanitarian crisis with practical relief.

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Full Circle

October 2021

During our Hurricane Ida response, we saw our calling come full circle as we served beautiful food, made with love, that feeds not only the body but also the soul.

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Laying the Groundwork

August 2021

We are hard at work ensuring our preparedness to serve hundreds of thousands of hot meals this hurricane season.

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A Historic Milestone

April 2021

The needs are simple: Children are hungry. Families are hurting. Communities are broken. We don’t have all the answers, but we can feed people.

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More Than A Meal

December 2020

Approaching 10 million meals served after back-to-back disaster responses and monumental community outreach this year.

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The Year of Increase

June 2020

Over one million meals served during the first six months of 2020, and the need is not letting up.

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An Overnight Response

March 2020

Our team was on site within 24 hours serving hot meals to victims and first responders.

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The Year Of The Pursuit

January 2020

A year in review of our efforts in 2019 with the knowledge that the best is still to come.

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The Disaster of the Century

October 2019

Mercy Chefs provides 65,000 hot meals to thousands displaced by Hurricane Dorian’s catastrophic blow.

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Two Million Meals

June 2019

Mercy Chefs serves another one million meals bringing our total from one to two million in only three and a half years’ time.

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Breaking New Ground

March 2019

Mercy Chef forges ahead with new developments in the quarter of 2019

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Defying Disaster

December 2018

Behind the scenes of 2018’s largest disaster responses

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An Inside Look

June 2018

Twelve years of disaster relief and humanitarian aid

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