Winter Storm Relief

Mercy Chefs has deployed to Dallas, TX. This is a natural disaster as severe as any hurricane, tornado, or wildfire. In some ways, a weather event like this is even more destructive, leaving millions without electricity, water, food, and other vital resources for an extended period of time and causing widespread damage to homes, businesses, and community infrastructures. Approximately 10 million Americans in Texas alone are suffering—and even dying—from the cold.

When our friends at Gateway Church called to ask for our help, we immediately said “yes.” They requested all the support we could muster because conditions are so desperate in Texas. Mercy Chefs is on the way with delicious hot meals to feed body and soul. We’re bringing everything we can to bless the people of Texas. We’ll be serving our first meals by Friday (2/19).

While our USDA Farmers to Families grocery box distributions and community kitchen programs continue throughout the country to bring winter storm relief nationwide, we’re now transporting our commercial-grade resources, including industrial power generators and water filtration systems, to serve the residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth area as they recover from this vicious winter storm.

Thank you for your steadfast support as we reach out to our hurting neighbors in the Southern United States.

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Help Mercy Chefs respond with hot, chef-prepared meals to those in desperate need as we bring relief to the winter storm that has swept the nation! Your tax-deductible donation can support families, the elderly, and first responders during this difficult time.

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